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Get started!

Would you like to start planning your semester abroad right away? No problem - on this page you will find everything you need to know. When you have reached the end of this page, you have the opportunity to upload the first documents and officially start organizing your semester abroad.


Get to know INAC and become part of our community.
We have put together a YouTube playlist for you that gives you an initial overview of INAC's service. Using Australia as an example, important aspects such as the application, choice of subjects and financing options are discussed in the videos. It is best to watch the videos all before you start your application. Videos are only available in German.

Your To-Do List

Once you have decided on a semester abroad with INAC, the process is straightforward and simple. All you have to do is upload your documents, all of which are very easy to get hold of. These documents are summarized in your To-Do list. When you have all the documents ready, you can conveniently upload them using our online form, available at the end of this page.

1. Select your university and program

INAC is the official representative of a number of prestigious universities in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, USA and Canada. To start your application, find the university that suits you best. Also think about how long you want to go abroad (one or two semesters) and whether you might want to graduate abroad. When making your choice, consider points such as financing, location (e.g. proximity to the beach), weather, etc. Large cities, such as Sydney or Melbourne, have a higher cost of living than others. Cost of living and tuition are cheaper in Brisbane (Queensland University of Technology). 

2. Copy of your passport

Please note: The passport must be valid for at least six months after the end of your programme overseas. If you do not have a passport yet, or your passport is about to expire, you can also submit a copy of the passport later. Please note, however, that the creation of your passport can take a few weeks and you should therefore apply for it as early as possible. You can apply for a passport at the citizen service of your city or your district office.

3. Copy of your Highschool Leaving Certificate

Some of our partner universities in Australia accept your High School Leaving Certificate/Diploma as proof of English under certain conditions. Kindly check with us as soon as you have selected your university.

4. Overview of grades in English and the original language

For the application to the selected university abroad, a copy of your current transcript of records English is required. The documents must have either the university's logo/letterhead, or stamp and signature from the university. If an English version of your transcript of records is not readily available, please translate it into English yourself and have it signed and stamped by your university's examination office or faculty advisor.

5. Bachelor's certificate in English (if applicable)

If you are currently in a Master’s programme, please submit a copy of your Bachelor’s Certificate, and overview of grades.

6. Application form for your selected university abroad

Please fill in the required Application Form of your chosen university. You can find it here. For your application you will have to choose 6-8 subjects. The selected subjects will have to be approved by your selected university before you will be allowed to enrol into them at a later date. If you are admitted to more than 4 subjects, you can easily sort out subjects afterwards. The entered subjects also serve as so-called? Placeholders ?, i.e. you can change them at any time. Some application forms ask for the signature of a professor (? Academic Adviser?) From your home university. You can leave this section blank!

7. Declaration of consent (permission to submit)

With the Permission to Submit (PTS) you give INAC your consent to submit your application to our partner university on your behalf. At the same time, you commission INAC with the PTS to secure a 100% study place for you in advance. The PTS can only be requested via SMS. 
Send SMS to: +49 171 543 0736


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