Semester Abroad

Semester Abroad

If you're like the rest of the INAC Alumni, you're probably dreaming of discovering the big wide world, traveling to foreign countries, living on the beach or simply breaking out of your usual routine? So what better time to have an extended stay abroad that during your studies? There are many options available to finance a semester abroad, and it is often easily integrated into your studies. Your time abroad will allow you to hone important skills, and acquire qualifications that will be useful to you for the rest of your life. This often differentiates you from the other graduates. And the biggest bonus is -You will probably have the best experience of your life.

INAC accompanies you through the entire organization of your semester abroad. Our friendly and competent team supports and advises you individually. We can guarantee that you will be accepted by the university abroad within a few weeks - our many years of experience and cooperation with renowned universities abroad have made this possible. You can also build on the enormous wealth of experience of the INAC community. With INAC, organizing your semester abroad isn't a chore.

Advantages of planning with INAC

For many students, organizing a semester abroad is an insurmountable task. With our help, planning your semester abroad becomes child's play.

Study placement guarantee with our partner universities

Quick confirmation of a place within 6 weeks

Step-by-step guidance

Easy application process

Help with the choice of subjects and programs

Help with getting courses accredited back at your home university

Visa application guidance

Advisory services for finances

Top Partner Universities

Information regarding affordable accommodation

Networking possibilites with the INAC Community

Singapore Industry Programme

Video: INAC Students in Australia

How does it work?

Are you wondering how a semester abroad with INAC works? Selecting a university, subject recognition, and financing options are just some of the many aspects that our YouTube playlist explains. Watch the videos and get an initial overview of the INAC semester abroad planner. Available only in German.

Get started now with your Semester Abroad application!