Singapore Industry Programme

Are you spending your semester abroad in Australia or New Zealand? Then make a stopover with INAC at one of the most exciting metropolises in Asia! As part of the INAC Singapore Industry Program, you will take part in exclusive visits to reknowned international companies and research institutions such as Bosch, Continental and Rolls Royce. Get in touch with department and project managers and find out everything about exciting internships and jobs on site.

Experience how the people of Singapore live, work and celebrate and get a first-hand impression of the fascinating city-state, which has both an impressive skyline and a rainforest in the middle of the city that is unique in the world. With INAC you will also experience Singapore from a local's perspective!

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Discover the exciting city-state of Singapore

In Singapore, close to 5.7 million people live in an area the size of San Francisco. The country, the only island-city-state in the world, is one of the most densely populated in the world, but at the same time has over 300 (national) parks - including an original rainforest in the middle of the city center - and almost 50 percent greenery. Located only 140 km from the equator, tropical weather awaits you in Singapore, no matter what time of year. You will encounter a colorful mix of cultures that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world. Combined with its futuristic city architecture, the Singapore experience is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. The skyline, especially the imposing Marina Bay, is one of the most photographed and is guaranteed to take your breath away. And when the big city flair gets too much for you, places like the quiet Sentosa Island invite you to relax on the beach and under palm trees.

Make new friends even before your semester abroad starts

The INAC Singapore Industry Program offers you the opportunity to make contacts and friends even before your semester abroad in Australia and New Zealand starts. In Singapore, you will get to know a lot of other students who will be doing their semester abroad at the same time as you. Some of them will even be going to the same university, so you will have made friends when you arrive in your destination country. Many students also use their time in Singapore to meet to look for a flat in Australia or New Zealand.

Make valuable contacts with companies

With INAC, you will get to know interesting, internationally recognised companies in person. During your stay in Singapore, you will take part in exclusive guided visits and get a unique insight into the work of the companies. You will also come into direct contact with HR managers, allowing you the opportunity to present yourself and possibly open the door to securing an internship after your semester abroad. We always match the selection of companies to the degree programs of the students who fly with us to Singapore. Past program partners have included Siemens, Bosch, Continental and Rolls Royce. 

... and many more!

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Excursions to Singapore take place usually in July.