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How to make the organization of a semester abroad and internships abroad easier? The INAC founders from Aachen asked themselves this question in 1999.

Deshalb gründeten sie die Initiative INAC. Der Anspruch: Die Organisation eines Auslandssemesters für die Studenten so weit wie möglich zu vereinfachen.

In 2007, the company was officially founded. Supported by the IMR Institute of RWTH Aachen University and its director Prof. Dr. - Ing.Karl Nienhaus. INAC's initial office was located within the institute.

Today, INAC helps thousands of students plan their semester abroad every semester. Be it the application to top partner universities in Australia and New Zealand, the selection and recognition of subjects, the financing or the search for accommodation: INAC accompanies students from the first step, right up to the point they step onto the plane. We also offer simplified and inexpensive English tests, as well as the opportunity to visit large international companies and explore one of the most exciting metropolises in Asia before starting your semester abroad at the INAC Singapore Industry Program.

Macen Inan, INAC's main founder studied industrial engineering in Aachen. As part of his studies, he travelled overseas to Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Belgium & Japan. At Bosch in Belgium, Macen completed an internship in production with Dr. Alberti and later, in the Development Department under Dr. Braun who supervised his diploma thesis. During his diploma thesis, Inan had the opportunity to fly to South Korea for Bosch Tienen. As he travelled more extensively, his desire to expand international networks grew. Initially, it was mainly about helping fellow students benefit from networks. Almost all of Inan's circle of friends studied abroad through his established networks and did internships in industry and research institutes such as A*Star in Singapore.

In order to finance his initial projects, Macen offered examination preparation seminars for students studying mechanics. He was supported by Prof. Gartzen of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. The proceeds of the seminars were used to finance excursions abroad for students. Dr. Alberti, Head of Production at Bosch in Belgium, was the first to support the project.

Excursion to Bosch Belgium

After completing his diploma thesis at Bosch, Macen began to work as a Research Assistant at RWTH Aachen University. In addition to research and teaching, Macen worked tirelessly to expand the INAC community. In 2007, INAC began helping academic staff undertake stays abroad. The programs were later expanded to help students with their semester abroad.

The first INAC team in Aachen.

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The INAC Community

One of our great strengths is our community. If you decide to spend a semester abroad with INAC, you get access to this community. Here you can build on the huge wealth of experience of almost 700 students from all over Germany and beyond, get valuable tips, exchange experiences, find out about current topics and get in touch with people who are going abroad with you before you leave. Join us and become part of the INAC community!